PrimeXM’s XCore and Azul Zing Integration

PrimeXM’s XCore and Azul Zing Integration

“Using Azul’s Zing JVM as a technology foundation has allowed us to deliver consistent ultra-low latency performance on the XCore, our multi-tiered aggregation and execution engine.”

PrimeXM and Azul Systems have been collaborating for the past two years to improve connectivity and further facilitate ultra-low latency.

Through the deployment of Azul Zing on PrimeXM’s flagship aggregation and order management engine, the XCore has further improved its latency. PrimeXM has noted significant improvements to its systems, while as Azul Systems President and CEO notes, “[the integration] has helped PrimeXM achieve their goals of the industry’s most reliable, stable and high performance connectivity solution.

Through this powerful collaboration both companies have significantly benefitted as it has allowed everyone involved in this integration to increase their know-how and expertise. 

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