PrimeXM’s new hosting fees: An optimised trading environment now more affordable

PrimeXM’s new hosting fees: An optimised trading environment now more affordable

PrimeXM’s new, more affordable pricing scheme allows everyone to gain access to the necessary resources to optimize their trading environment.

PrimeXM’s fully serviced institutional grade infrastructure is also available for hosting trading servers. Our infrastructure is supported by enterprise level hardware that is designed for intensive workloads, while we also offer a fully redundant network with automatic failover in case of hardware failure.

We also offer the highest security levels and uncapped DDoS protection for all our hosting solutions, while we have the largest pool of liquidity providers collocated in our infrastructure. We have direct cross-connects to over 200 liquidity providers which facilitates ultra-low latency connectivity and allows brokers to host their trading server in the same data centre suites as their order routing service and liquidity providers which further facilitates ultra-low latency connectivity. 

To better cater to the increasing needs of the trading industry, PrimeXM has revised its pricing structure for all our hosting solutions and we devised a more straightforward and much more competiting pricing scheme. Decision-makers who are looking into improving their hosting environment will find that PrimeXM's new pricing scheme can signficantly benefit them as it allows access into the market's most high performing hosting environment. 

Benefits of hosting with PrimeXM

  • full control over setup
  • enterprise level hardware
  • highest security levels
  • uncapped DDoS protection
  • cross-connects to 200 liquidity providers
  • ultra-low latency connectivity to execution engine and liquidity providers

PrimeXM is a leading technology provider to the global finance industry. Our cutting-edge technology and hosting solutions empower our clients to offer the most reliable trading experience in the market. We connect our clients to hundreds of liquidity providers globally across an ultra-low latency network, supported by institutional grade infrastructure. We specialise in connectivity, aggregation, dedicated hosting, MT4/MT5 bridging and white labels.
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