Nasdaq Expands Market Services in Chicago for the Global Trading Community

New Point of Presence and Disaster Recovery Facility in Chicago - Equinix' CH4 - to Provide Traders With Easy Access to Nasdaq Markets

Nasdaq (Nasdaq:NDAQ) announced that Global Access Services, the exchange group's facilitator of alpha-generating market solutions for the financial services community, will launch a Nasdaq Point of Presence (Nasdaq POP) in Chicago, Illinois in the first quarter of 2015. The Nasdaq POP in Chicago, along with the Nasdaq POP already live in Secaucus, New Jersey, will be available for market participants seeking access to Nasdaq eSpeed, the exchange group's over-the-counter platform for electronic trading in U.S. Treasury securities, and Nasdaq's U.S. cash equities and equity derivatives markets pending Securities and Exchange Commission approval. In addition, Nasdaq will establish a disaster recovery facility in Chicago for Nasdaq eSpeed in the fourth quarter of 2014.

"Given the role of our Global Access Services business as a connector for the industry, we have designed solutions for traders that wish to use our liquidity destination, the Nasdaq Data Center," said Stacie Swanstrom, Head of Global Access Services and Senior Vice President of Global Trading and Market Services at Nasdaq. "We have ambitions to create a worldwide network, bringing trading opportunities across all asset classes closer to our clients."

The Nasdaq POP in Chicago will connect traders in the Midwest region to the Nasdaq Data Center on the East Coast of the U.S., providing an efficient, secure route to access Nasdaq's deeply liquid markets, receive Nasdaq market data, utilize order entry capabilities and receive third party data feeds. Nasdaq's POP in Chicago will leverage Equinix, the global interconnection and data center company. Located in Equinix'sChicago data center (CH4), the Nasdaq POP in Chicago will provide clients with trading systems already located in the Midwest region the ability to simply cross connect directly to Nasdaq markets. Benefiting from economies of scale, clients can customize their connectivity to only pay for the market information and services they need. The Nasdaq POP in Chicago furthers the Global Access Services connectivity offering, which includes the Nasdaq POP in Equinix'sSecaucus, New Jersey data center (NY4) launched in September 2014. Nasdaq's redundant, high-performance fiber circuits connecting to the Nasdaq Data Center will enable clients to send orders and receive acknowledgements and market data with one-way expected latency of 7.3 milliseconds from Chicago and 150 microseconds from Secaucus. Nasdaq's POP offerings in Chicago and Secaucus extend the reach of the exchange group's network through a single hand-off connection.


photo credit: Brian Koprowski via photopin cc

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