Lucera Powers Financial Computing, While Redefining the Trading Platform

Today marks the release of Lucera’s powerful out-of-the-box foreign exchange trading system, LumeFX, running atop Lucera's high-performance on-demand cloud platform and low-latency software-defined network.

Trading operations across the market need a single, unified system purpose-built to provide the kinds of tools and services that facilitate safer and faster trading environments, while the infrastructure underneath these operations must simulataneously offer cost-savings and flexibility.

Lucera launches the next generation of capital markets computing, in partnership with Equinix

Financial firms need a new approach to infrastructure to support their strategies, growth and success in today’s market.

Increasingly automated trading strategies and growing volumes of market data coupled with tighter regulations and a continued need for speed and performance means that their current infrastructure in many cases, just will not meet the needs of today’s capital markets firms.

Lucera offers infrastructure on-demand, purpose-built infrastructure to provide high performance computing (HPC) and low-latency software defined networking (SDN). Lucera runs on 17,000 miles of the fastest divergent transcontinental fiber, and is collocated in premier Equinix datacenters in New York, London and Chicago

Financial services firms supporting multi-asset trading teams need innovative technology to support their lines of business and help them drive revenue. Rather than taking months to build a new piece of commodity hardware and weeks for a simple firewall change, Lucera will enable your business to spin up bare metal machines in just minutes. The SDN turns lengthy connectivity setup delays into a thing of the past.

Trading firms around the world are caught between expensive, impractical vendor solutions and internal IT teams without the time or resources needed to meet the demands of the business. Many infrastructure solutions still lack the security, performance and reliability required by financial firms.

Lucera is changing the world of financial computing by providing secure and reliable infrastructure built to meet the performance demands of financial trading.

High-Performance Infrastructure On-Demand

The Lucera platform was designed to power the most complex trading environments and can be deployed in a fraction of the time for a much lower total cost of ownership. Lucera offers dedicated compute resources running your choice of Linux, Windows or a customized version of SmartOS, the open-source operating system built by the engineers behind Solaris, who introduced the advanced concept of zones to drive bare metal performance in a virtualized computing environment.

Every element of the Lucera stack is custom-built and finely tuned for the lowest possible latency, the best performance and security, and the simplest and fastest deployment. The intuitive web interface empowers customers to manage their connectivity and compute environment from any device anywhere in the world. Our customers have the ability to provision machines, establish cross connects, monitor their system’s performance, create backups and get world-class support around the clock.

Lucera seamlessly links customers to hundreds of financial venues and clients across 3 marketplaces and 17,000 miles of transatlantic fiber creating the fastest possible connection between Europe and Chicago. Now equipped with the new Equinix Cloud Exchange, the connection between Lucera datacenters is almost twice the speed as it was before. 

An Out-Of-The-Box Intelligent FX Technology Platform 

While building Lucera, the team launched LumeFX, a distributed matching and aggregation system, with an adaptive smart order router (SOR). LumeFX was built to optimize your trading business in the spot FX market, while Lucera manages all the underlying infrastructure and networking. LumeFX uses an adaptive smart order router (SOR) to analyze trade order holding time and fill rates. This helps to identify unexecuted trades, actionable firm liquidity and facilitate high-quality, efficient executions.  By distributing the application to each market participant LumeFX eliminates any kind of central matching server, so that financial exchanges can excel even in a market where data volumes are exploding.

Using the LumeFX web-based management portal, exchange operators can view and analyze real time and historic market data, see a market summary, trace order history, grab detailed trade analytics, configure the smart order router and even interrupt connections of participants in failure mode. In parallel, Lucera’s on-demand infrastructure provides a secure and high-performant foundation for a highly resilient and available virtualized environment and allows for unlimited scaling so rapid growth can be realized.

To take a closer look at Lucera and LumeFX please contact: or call 917-951-6565

Lucera originally evolved from a high frequency team that was increasingly unhappy with the existing FX electronic trading process. Inconsistent fill rates and latency issues led to a craving for an entirely better system. So, we created it.