Lowered Latencies Between High-Growth Asian and Middle Eastern Markets

Lowered Latencies Between High-Growth  Asian and Middle Eastern Markets

Our award-winning global trading network now offers lowered latencies between London and three more Asian hubs including DGCX, BKC and SGX.

Trade faster between London and the worlds’ fastest growing trading venues

We’ve made some significant investments in some of our most popular financial trading routes over the last couple of months and are now pleased to announce that the hard work has paid off!

Our award-winning global trading network now offers even faster trading speeds between London and the following Asian hubs:

  • Dubai DGCX
  • Mumbai BKC
  • Singapore SGX


Including our recent announcement of the fastest London – Tokyo trading route, we’ve optimised routes to and from the biggest financial hubs in Asia.

Connecting financial traders to the complex Asian landscape is an ongoing challenge, but when emerging markets present such significant opportunity to traders, it’s a necessary and rewarding one.


Impressive Growth in Dubai

These developments also come at a time when DGCX recorded an impressive trading period, as shown in the exchange’s latest update.

DGCX’s Precious Metals segment grew substantially, partly because of market uncertainty caused by geopolitical issues and gold’s safe haven status.

Investors rushed into Shanghai Gold Futures and Spot Gold, giving DGCX its highest monthly volume and Average Open Interest (AOI) figures to date – $189.62 million traded in total.


Trending Taiwan

With emerging markets continuing to drive global growth, we’re seeing more and more Asian cities developing as high-growth financial trading hubs.

For example, Taiwan’s GDP growth has surpassed expectations and is predicted to stay strong going into 2018, mainly owing to its position as Asia’s leading exporter of technology components.

Being at the forefront of connecting the trading community to new and high-growth regions such as Taiwan and Mumbai is core to our service-led approach.

Just recently we recognised this growing demand amongst traders to profit from the strong economic growth in Taiwan and moved into Taipei to deliver new connectivity routes from the growing city to venues in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.


Not-so-fragile Mumbai

Mumbai is another city where growth is exceeding expectations. Dubbed one of the ‘Fragile Five’ by Morgan Stanley in 2013, India is showing strong growth signs thanks to recent reforms that have rebalanced the economy, exemplifying it from the threat of foreign ownership.

Our investment in these key routes reinforces our continued commitment to providing the electronic trading community with continuous and stable access to the most profitable and attractive markets.

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