Live Webinar: Empower Petabytes of Edge Data

Live Webinar: Empower Petabytes of Edge Data

Learn how to capture, store, and activate data at scale!

Join our webinar and learn how Seagate Lyve Cloud and Equinix combine the respective strengths of their platforms to help enterprises store their data at the metro edge and overcome data challenges related to cost, complexity, and proximity.


You’ll learn:

  • How to capture loads of unstructured data while reducing capital expenditure
  • How to tame your cloud bill by ditching egress fees and API charges
  • How to move data to where it creates the most value and support for rapid activation across edge and cloud storage environments
  • How to get low-latency access to data stored near the clouds and compute resources of Equinix Metal – all accessible via private connectivity


Register HERE to hear from us live on Sep 29 @ 9am PT.

Scheduling conflict? Register anyway so we can send you a link to the recording after the live webinar has concluded.

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