LASX to open 2 Liquidity Extranet Centers™, 5 Colo Hubs and launch LA-net™

Los Angeles Stock Exchange (LASX) unveils plan to open two Liquidity Extranet Centers™ (LXC™) in California and five colocation hubs, for the first time connecting participants and exchanges from Coast to Coast.

Los Angeles Stock Exchange (LASX) has two major announcements for this coming New Year and California Equinix IBX Center Participants are expected to benefit tremendously.

LASX plans to improve West Coast participants performance starting mid-January by introducing two LASX Liquidity Extranet Centers™ (LXC™) in LA4 (Los Angeles - LXC™LA4) and SV1 (Silicon Valley - LXC™SV1), with colocation hubs in Equinix IBX Centers' in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago and Secaucus, NJ (LA1, LA3, SV8, CH4 and NY4).

The LASX Liquidity Extranet Centers™ (LXC™) are the first ever on the West Coast. Once you are in the LXC™ you can access LASX core vendor services - featuring universal matching engines and smart order routing technology, improving trading performance, centralized data flow, lowest latency and best execution practices.

Secondly, starting New Year’s Day 2015, California Equinix IBX Customers will now have access to the Los Angeles Stock Exchange Financial Network Infrastructure (LA-net™), a highly resilient purpose built private network featuring connections between Los Angeles-Silicon Valley, CA, Chicago, IL and Secaucus, NJ.

This is the first time participants can connect to exchanges from coast to coast from around the globe and access a uniform connection offering the lowest latency profile, centralized data flow, simplest liquidity solutions and streamlined vendor services.

LASX developed the resilient Los Angeles Stock Exchange Financial Network Infrastructure™ (LA-net™) to provide a solution for West Coast participants that are without a simple cost effective connectivity and liquidity solution - closing that gap and enabling West Coast Participants to match orders and compete with Mid-West and East Coast Participants.

The combined benefit of LXC™ and LA-net™ will provide centralized data flow and streamline vendor services between data center participants, vendors and exchanges.

To reserve your cage or cabinet in LA1, LA3, LA4, SV1, SV8, CH4, or NY4 directly with Equinix please contact your Equinix sales representative or contact the Los Angeles Stock Exchange sales team:

Angelo Josh

There is an expected 15 to 45 day turn on from date of invoicing.

Los Angeles Stock Exchange is the global market data access hub of the South Western United States, dedicated to providing West Coast Traders access to ultra high speed connectivity to global market centers.
Angelo Josh
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