Innovation from Edge to Cloud: Seagate Highlights its Portfolio at ISC West 2021

Innovation from Edge to Cloud: Seagate Highlights its Portfolio at ISC West 2021

For the first time at ISC West, Seagate offered solutions from edge to cloud, providing a full storage portfolio of video and analytics solutions built and tested for security. From our enterprise grade drives, Lyve Mobile edge storage, and Lyve Cloud storage-as-a-service, we’ve created a reliable foundation for storing and managing data that is affordable, flexible, scalable, and secure.

Until even a few months before ISC West kicked off at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, we were still uncertain whether vaccine rollout would reach safe levels, trade events would be approved, and the city itself would open in time. As with everything else this year, the industry took careful, cautious steps forward. And to everyone’s surprise and delight, after a year-long hiatus, ISC West 2021 happened.

With so many new innovations emerging in the industry, on top of a major market-wide period of disruption, recovery, and transition—it was good to see the security world come alive again. Even though so much of the world shut down because of COVID-19, global developments in technology and infrastructure, such as Smart Cities, IoT, and the Cloud, have carried on. Upon reflection, ISC West was a moment when the industry put its ear to the rail and reclarified its direction.

In the sphere of video security technology, the challenges that ailed ISC West 2019 attendees have largely remained the same—i.e., out-of-date system deployments, fragmented systems that lack data integrity and are difficult to scale, failure to migrate to cloud solutions, and low-performing data storage infrastructure. Seagate’s industry-leading portfolio of video and analytics solutions meet these challenges head on, as they’re tested and built for video security.

From the edge to the cloud, Seagate delivers future-proof video storage solutions, supporting always-on security, machine learning, and AI, and managing data in any and every environment.

Read more about what Seagate showcased in their portfolio of solutions at ISC West 2021 HERE.

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