IBM Delivers Local Cloud-as-a-Service With OpenStack-Powered Blue Box

Companies can now deploy applications as a service within their own data centers on private clouds.

Following IBM’s recent announcement that it is delivering Platform-as-a-Service capabilities to client data centers with Bluemix Local, IBM is expanding its portfolio with IBM Blue Box Local

Companies can now deploy applications as a service within their own data centers on private clouds

TOKYO — OPENSTACK SUMMIT — October 27, 2015 — Following IBM’s recent announcement that it is delivering Platform-as-a-Service capabilities to client data centers with Bluemix Local, today IBM is expanding its portfolio with IBM Blue Box Local. The OpenStack-powered Infrastructure-as-a-Service will provide companies with an on-premises private cloud environment that is operated by IBM within their data center of choice, offering companies the benefits of cloud without having to maintain it.

The availability of IBM Blue Box is significant for organizations in regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and financial services that must follow strict mandates and internal policies for how security, compliance and sensitive customer data is handled. It extends the experience of Blue Box Dedicated to a company’s choice of premises by delivering identical OpenStack-powered capability either locally or hosted in IBM Cloud data centers. 

Companies can now choose on-premises or off-premises deployment for their workload with the assurance of complete portability. Blue Box provides the privacy, security, and compliance-readiness benefits that come from private cloud on isolated infrastructures.

In addition, Blue Box offers Bluemix as an option for hybrid application architectures that use PaaS for new application components and more traditional virtual machines for existing application components. In either deployment companies benefit from a cloud experience with IBM’s operations service providing monitoring and maintenance for both Bluemix for PaaS and Blue Box for IaaS.

For many organizations, this type of hybrid cloud approach is the preferred model for capturing the benefits of public and private clouds in a seamless way. According to a recent study by Forrester, 92 percent of enterprises expect to increase the role of on-premises cloud as part of their IT strategy, but cite operational expertise as their biggest challenge.  In fact, 75 percent of enterprises report that it can take a month or longer to implement a single update to internal platforms and infrastructure[1].

“Enterprises want to consume a cloud experience, whether that’s on premises, in a dedicated environment, or in a public cloud,” said Jesse Proudman, CTO at Blue Box, an IBM Company. “Until now, that’s been a challenge. But with Blue, companies now can consume private cloud-as-a-service in the environment that fits their needs, with all the convenience and reliability of Blue Box Cloud delivered as a service and the rapid innovation cycle of OpenStack. Users have long wanted to work with OpenStack, not on OpenStack. Blue Box facilities that dream, regardless of location.”

IBM’s OpenStack Leadership

Blue Box Local is the latest example of IBM’s support of OpenStack. Since 2011, IBM has supported and contributed to OpenStack with a focus on code, and community building.  IBM has consistently worked to expand the ecosystem to the benefit of the entire community, accelerating its growth. For the current release of OpenStack, IBM had over 180 contributors and more than 30 core contributors and delivered a million words of translated text.  Also, IBM employees serve as Project Team Leads for critical OpenStack projects including security and authentication, interoperability and compliance, internationalization and orchestration.  IBM proudly serves as a Platinum sponsor of the OpenStack foundation.

“IBM has been and continues to be an important member of the OpenStack community,” said Jonathan Bryce, executive director, OpenStack Foundation. “Their contributions to the community and their ongoing commitment to building and supporting products powered by OpenStack help to make the software better for all users. Theirs is a great example of what leadership in an open source community looks like.”

About Blue Box
Blue Box, an IBM Company, delivers private cloud-as-a-service to a worldwide client base. Blue Box Cloud is a private cloud product offered in both Dedicated and Local versions. Each Blue Box Cloud is run on dedicated hardware, powered by OpenStack and operated by our global team of infrastructure experts. More information at and @bluebox.

[1] A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, October 2015.

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Blue Box has developed Hosted Private Cloud technology perfectly suited to help bring Middle Market enterprises into the cloud.  For customers ready to make the leap into cloud services, Blue Box’s OpenStack On Demand offering delivers the power of cloud services with the security and control IT managers demand.  And for customers with existing data center deployments, OpenStack On Demand enables a direct, cross-connected private cloud integrated into your existing facility.
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