Gov ICT Virtual Summit | Webinar | The PSN is Closing: The Time to Act is Now!

Join us at the Government ICT Virtual Summit on Thursday 21 January where we'll be leading a seminar with our partners, Equinix, on the closure of the PSN and some of the challenges it has created.

Join us at the Government ICT Virtual Summit on 21st January where we'll be exhibiting with our partners, Equinix. We'll be leading a seminar on the closure of the PSN and what it means for your organisation. The session will cover:

* What the latest guidelines from GDS mean for you

* The need for urgency

* Next steps and the challenges that lie ahead

* Future proofing your network

* Live Q&A with the audience

The Government's ‘cloud first’ policy provides public sector agencies and partners with a clear directive for innovation of their organisation and services - but where do these departments and agencies begin?

Visit us at our virtual booth to discuss how we can help you seamlessly transition away from the PSN without spiralling costs or disruption to services and users.

Register for the event here, or contact us directly to book a meeting.

Cloud Gateway provides unique cloud-native innovation for fully agnostic hybrid cloud and multicloud connectivity. Securely connect your estate with multiple cloud service providers, the PSN, the HSCN and the internet.
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