MESA: ContentBridge Leverages Equinix as "Point of Orchestration"

MESA: ContentBridge Leverages Equinix as

Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), reports Equinix is helping ContentBridge shift its business model "away from managed and custom services to a self-serve software as a service (SaaS) offering for content owners."

MESA: Media and entertainment digital supply chain solutions company ContentBridge has given itself a makeover in more ways than one.

First, the company is shifting its business model away from managed and custom services to a self-serve software as a service (SaaS) offering for content owners. And, second, to help facilitate that, the company has relocated its facility to the Equinix Data Center in El Segundo, Calif., with ContentBridge using Equinix as a “point of orchestration” for owned infrastructure and tier one cloud providers, according to company CEO Jason Peterson.

“The company can eliminate an aging, proprietary and costly-to-maintain hardware infrastructure, create a more reliable and secure link between its client services team and its ‘factory,’ and improve responsiveness by consolidating operations under one roof,” he said. “Ultimately, the relationship with Equinix will allow ContentBridge to bring advanced digital supply chain solutions directly to the content, wherever the content owner chooses to maintain the digital library.

“Thanks to Equinix, we have access to an amazing data center with direct interconnection to all of the major cloud service providers. We are able to consolidate our operational footprint by relocating our client services team within the same highly secure facility as our servers and cloud interconnects. This relationship also clears a path for ContentBridge to rapidly achieve global reach.”

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