BSO revamps Asia route as traders seek faster access between Hong Kong and Singapore

BSO revamps Asia route as traders seek faster access between Hong Kong and Singapore

We’re excited to announce that we have enhanced our low-latency route between the Hong Kong (HKEX) and Singapore (SGX) Exchanges, as demand for faster trading across Asia increases.

The optimised route provides financial institutions looking to trade derivatives in and out of the two exchanges with the lowest latency currently available on the market.

This means electronic market makers will be able to boost profitability by trading derivatives on HKeX, faster than they could previously. Derivatives trading on HKeX is thriving, with the average daily turnover of futures and options last year up 14%.

Strong terrestrial and subsea access points mean that, unlike other Asian trading hubs, Hong Kong is easily accessible to market makers. On top of the physical route, we will provide in-depth local regulatory knowledge to ensure the best possible connectivity at all times.

Jonathan Leung, HKEX’s Head of Hosting Services said:

“We welcome BSO’s enhanced service at our data centre, where our market participants have access to an array of information, technology and network service providers within a secure ecosystem environment.”

Fraser Bell, our Chief Commercial Officer, added:

“Hong Kong’s economic maturity makes this route an attractive proposition for any trader seeking access to Asia’s largest liquidity pools. The upgraded route provides traders with unrivalled ultra-low latency connectivity between two of the most popular exchanges in the world. And with interest in derivatives gathering momentum across Asia, the lowest latency possible is essential for firms to reach the region’s most liquid markets efficiently.”

The route establishes us as the leading provider of Asian market low-latency connectivity to heads of trading and infrastructure for banks, derivatives brokers and electronic market makers.

Looking to trade faster between HKeX and SGX? 

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