BSO launches global access to AWS direct connect cloud service

BSO launches global access to AWS direct connect cloud service

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our official partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As an official AWS technology partner, we’re delivering high-performance, reliable, secure, direct private connectivity to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud from multiple data centres, offices and colocation environments via the dedicated AWS Direct Connect Service (DCS).

Customers are able to connect to AWS on-demand cloud and on-demand service resources from any of the 100+ PoPs currently on our global backbone.

We’re working with clients, wishing to scale and grow their businesses, particularly in the expanding FinTech hubs and Emerging Markets in Asia and the Middle East, to build out the most suitable hybrid cloud environment.

Introducing our DCS hybrid private/public cloud offering to a wide global audience enables customers to benefit from both a fully redundant, secure private cloud environment for higher workload applications as well as seamless access to the flexible AWS public cloud.

Emmanuel Pellé, COO at BSO, commented;

“Increasingly our clients require a low-latency, high performance, highly available, private cloud infrastructure to support their critical business-oriented applications to ensure business continuity. This needs to support the ability to connect into the public cloud from multiple locations. We are very pleased to be working with AWS to deliver this increasingly popular hybrid cloud solution.”

AWS DCS allows clients to establish a dedicated network connection using industry standard VLANs, which can be partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces.

Interested in our DCS hybrid private/public cloud?

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