BSO adds new Latin America route as traders get a taste for Mexican stocks

BSO adds new Latin America route as traders get a taste for Mexican stocks

We've announced a new direct connectivity link between the Mexican stock exchange (BMV) and some of the largest exchanges across North America.

Our new Point of Presence (PoP) in Mexico City provides ultra low-latency connectivity spanning Latin America, Chicago, and New York. As a result, electronic market makers will be able to trade Mexican stocks faster in and out of BMV – which records daily trading volumes over $800 million. BSO’s PoP is located on the same road as the second largest exchange in Latin America, which enables traders to have closer proximity to the BMV matching engines. 

With geopolitical uncertainties and trade concerns impacting the global decrease in public listings, the connectivity will be welcomed by liquidity hungry firms looking for economically booming destinations to trade. An anticipated 30% increase in the number of publicly listings in Mexico over the next three years, (Source: Mexican Government), will provide ample profit-making opportunities. The enhanced North American network reinforces BSO’s aim to provide the fastest possible global connectivity to meet the increasing speed demands of firms trading the world’s financial markets.

Commenting on the new route, Fraser Bell, our Chief Commercial Officer said:

“A thriving economy, growing at its fastest rate in six quarters, makes Mexico an enticing proposition for any trader seeking new pools of liquidity. With IPO activity picking up a head of steam, the lowest possible latency is a necessity for any firm wanting to trade newly listed stocks efficiently. Our new route provides traders with unrivalled access to the leading trading venues across Latin and North America.”

Available from this month, the route cements our position as the leading provider of global low-latency connectivity to heads of trading and infrastructure for investment banks, brokers and electronic market makers.

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