Blue Box Cloud Steps Closer to Public Cloud Pricing Granularity for Private Cloud as a Service

Month-to-month pricing for Blue Box Cloud means high flexibility, low risk, ability to scale capacity up or down as needed.

SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. 16, 2014 — Blue Box—a Seattle-based provider of on-demand private cloud as a service (PCaaS) on dedicated hardware—today announced the availability of month-to-month pricing on Blue Box Cloud.

Blue Box Cloud, which is already known for making OpenStack Private Cloud easy to deploy, scale and maintain, now comes with a pricing structure that offers clients low cost of entry, low risk, and maximum flexibility.

Key News Facts

  1. Blue Box now offers its customers the option to purchase a Blue Box Cloud initial cluster or add-on nodes on a month-to-month basis.
  2. Initial pricing is $5,000 a month. See below for details regarding what this includes.
  3. The month-to-month fee is paid monthly in advance and can be canceled before the end of 30 days.
  4. An existing stack can be converted to 12-month term pricing at any time, effective at the end of the current monthly term, saving customers 20% or more
  5. Customers opting to start with 12-month term pricing can still purchase additional nodes month-to-month.

Learn more about Blue Box Cloud and month-to-month pricing at our website.

What Blue Box Cloud Month to Month Pricing Delivers

Base pricing of $5,000 per month includes:

  • Three physical nodes
  • 96 cores
  • 384GB RAM
  • 3.6TB disk
  • 14 public IPV4 addresses
  • 3 TB of Bandwidth
“Since we went into general availability in May, Blue Box Cloud has rapidly advanced on its technology roadmap, and today’s news is the next big step in delivering private cloud as a service under pricing and delivery models that rival the agility and flexibility of public cloud,” said said Bob Desantis, chief revenue officer at Blue Box. “With a month-to-month pricing option, Blue Box Cloud gives customers the ultimate on-demand performance and operational flexibility as well as economic elasticity and cost certainty. In other words, it gives customers the best of private cloud performance and security, paired with the economics and agility they need.”

Blue Box has developed Hosted Private Cloud technology perfectly suited to help bring Middle Market enterprises into the cloud.  For customers ready to make the leap into cloud services, Blue Box’s OpenStack On Demand offering delivers the power of cloud services with the security and control IT managers demand.  And for customers with existing data center deployments, OpenStack On Demand enables a direct, cross-connected private cloud integrated into your existing facility.
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