Automated Design, Price and Order of Cloud Access from the Edge to Everywhere

Automated Design, Price and Order of Cloud Access from the Edge to Everywhere

Unitas Nexus™ solves the challenge of designing and buying connectivity by providing unmatched visibility into available global connectivity options with a single, streamlined view.

Unitas Nexus Marketplace enables partners and enterprises to easily design, price, and order IP and Ethernet services from over 30 million edge locations in 85 countries to distributed applications across any hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, or private cloud destination. In doing so, Unitas Nexus™ provides an unprecedented level of automation and visibility across Unitas Reach™, software-defined network (SDN), and all interconnected networks.

The Unitas Nexus™ database enables order, scale, and set-up of edge to everywhere services through its open API. Partner platforms and marketplaces leverage the platform’s intelligence to automate the design, price, and ordering of edge on-ramps to any cloud from virtually any location across the globe. The unique universal data model enables Unitas to quickly integrate new networks and services options into solutions for our customers in a reliable cost-optimized way.

Connectivity Marketplace

The Unitas Nexus Cloud Connectivity Marketplace automates and simplifies each step of connectivity design and ordering, from locating suppliers and simplifying the ordering process, to optimizing quotes and managing each order from receipt to completion. Our proprietary software automates the design, pricing, and ordering of edge on-ramps to any cloud.

Real-Time Intelligence

An unmatched database that provides critical interconnect and competitive pricing data, covering 30M fiber-fed locations in 85 countries with 550 suppliers.

Unitas Atlas™

One platform provides proactive monitoring and management, ticketing, and software-defined service orchestration, from the edge to everywhere.
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Unitas Global is a global managed network service provider offering automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud, everywhere. The company provides the most agile connected multi-cloud environments that are easy-to-consume, fully managed, and backed by a promise to deliver the best application performance.