Aryaka Enhances Internet Last Mile for Global Enterprise with Launch of Aryaka ONE

New features add significant intelligence to enterprise last mile

Aryaka has announced the launch of Aryaka ONE – One Network for the Enterprise. Aryaka ONE is the world’s first and only global, private, optimized, secure and on demand network addressing the unique application performance needs of today’s enterprise. Enterprise locations and remote users securely connect to this network within their region using one or more Internet links for first and last mile connectivity. Aryaka ONE enhancements allow these enterprises to leverage the Internet to on-ramp the Aryaka private and optimized middle-mile.

The globalization of the enterprise and its increased reliance on cloud applications and mobility requires reliable, consistent and secure connections across every branch office location.  Traditional architectures are proving inefficient for the enterprise as the importance of site-to-site traffic is giving way to new models around any-to-any data center, branch, cloud and remote, distributed collaboration. Aryaka excels in routing, security and optimization techniques within its core network. Aryaka ONE intelligence now extends these capabilities to the first and last mile of enterprise networks making them more resilient.

“MPLS is the legacy tool enterprises have used to overcome the distance problem. MPLS providers serve a $25 billion and growing market with a technology that is old, expensive, slow to deploy and unaffordable in certain regions, for the mid-market or for smaller offices within large enterprises,” said Sonal Puri, CMO at Aryaka. “The Internet, on the other hand, is faster to deploy, cheaper and plentiful. It is, however, a shared medium of communication and inherently not ‘business-ready’. Aryaka ONE adds a layer of technology and intelligence to the Internet as a last mile and makes it the perfect complement to the global Aryaka network for the enterprise.”

Read the complete Press Release to know more about the advanced functionality.


Aryaka’s Networks for the New Enterprise integrates the benefits of WAN optimization, application delivery and cloud access with reliable, secure and dedicated connectivity into a single intelligent network, eliminating the need for hardware and dedicated links that take months to provision – providing an optimized enterprise grade network that is setup and ready to go in minutes.