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Bye-bye public internet, hello interconnection

Commenting on the Global Interconnection Index (GII) released by Equinix last month, Gill told Computerworld Hong Kong that enterprises could cut their network costs by half with 50% improvement in performance through rewiring their network typology to include interconnection.   READ MORE +

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Cloud Exchange

Cloud Exchange lets you connect to multiple providers on-demand via a single network port using APIs...   READ MORE +


Innovation is driving advancement in the future of health. See how digital ecosystems are the foundation...   READ MORE +

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Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA) makes interconnection easy.   Get started today with the playbook for digital transformation.


Unlock The Power of Interconnection

  • Simplify the Topology
    Localize, segment and optimize network traffic flows, bringing your WAN and LAN together at the edge.
  • Create Security Guard Rails
    Localize security services and govern multi-party flows with boundaries and inspection zones.
  • Establish a Data Fabric
    Localize data requirements and balance access with protection and govern data movement.
  • Integrate via Intersection Points.
    Localize application services, as a multi-cloud, multi-party business and integration point.