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Enabling Healthcare Innovation through Interconnection

What makes this concept so powerful is that it’s a secure, high-bandwidth connection with zero latency that bypasses the public Internet entirely, leading some to dub interconnection “the second internet.”   READ MORE +

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Cloud Exchange

Cloud Exchange lets you connect to multiple providers on-demand via a single network port using APIs...   READ MORE +


Innovation is driving advancement in the future of health. See how digital ecosystems are the foundation...   READ MORE +

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Salesforce. Direct – private – secure connections. LEARN MORE +

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Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA) makes interconnection easy.   Get started today with the playbook for digital transformation.


Unlock The Power of Interconnection

  • Simplify the Topology
    Localize, segment and optimize network traffic flows, bringing your WAN and LAN together at the edge.
  • Create Security Guard Rails
    Localize security services and govern multi-party flows with boundaries and inspection zones.
  • Establish a Data Fabric
    Localize data requirements and balance access with protection and govern data movement.
  • Integrate via Intersection Points.
    Localize application services, as a multi-cloud, multi-party business and integration point.